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NY State Unemployment Insurance:

  • The State Dept. of Labor is working to improve response times (and their infrastructure) for unemployment insurance, and has hired 300 more operators, and expanded service from six to seven days a week.
  • The best way to file is online here.
  • Any claim filed will be back-dated to the date the filer became unemployed, NOT the date of filing. If you are eligible, you will be paid for all benefits due. 
  • When you are instructed to call to complete your claim, the ONLY valid number is 1-888-209-8124.
  • Applicants should call based on the first letter of their last names, as follows:
  • Monday, last names A – F
  • Tuesday, last names G – N
  • Wednesday, last names O – Z 
  • If you miss your day, you can also file on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


Help Now Portal:

  • The Help Now Portal connect New Yorkers who need help with resources on employment, benefits, seniors, food security, NYCHA residents, mental health, and education — and to also give those who want to help a way to do so.

Here To Here Covid-19 Resource Document:

  • This document is organized by topics, including educator, work-based learning, family, food, tech, and benefits resources. We have included hyperlinks and explanations of each resource to help you sort through them.
  • The spreadsheet is a live document that will be updated by them as new information is received.