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During your time here at University Heights, you will take a variety of English classes where you will read both fiction (classic and modern short stories, plays and novels) and nonfiction (biographies, memoirs, poetry, academic essays and historical documents/speeches). While your English teachers will be unique in their teaching style, the common goal amongst University Heights High School English teachers is to teach you to think critically so that you can analyze and discuss all texts you encounter. The overall objective of the English Department is to sharpen your communication skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) to prepare you for life after high school - college, careers, and beyond.

English Regents Examination

This exam is traditionally given to all sophomore (10th grade) students in June. If you do not achieve a grade of 80 or higher, you may be signed up to retake the exam during your junior (11th grade) year. Historically, colleges and universities would like to see grades of 80% or above.

Performance Based Assessment Task (PBAT)

Like all PBATs, the English PBAT is comprised of two parts: a written component (a sophisticated literary analysis paper) and a comprehensive and organized oral presentation that showcases your ability to analyze various texts and make connections between what you are reading and the world around you.

Traditionally, the most common English PBAT paper is a thematic literary analysis paper that compares two works of literature (any combination of texts including, but not limited to, novels, short stories, poems, etc.). Model English PBAT papers (sample 1, sample 2) can be found in the student "English PBAT Resources" in the Hawk Drive.

Scope and Sequence

Below is a basic scope and sequence chart to give you a better idea about what your English journey at UHHS will be like and how it will guide you towards completing your PBAT and prepare you to succeed in your English classes in college.

Grade Required Classes Required Final Assessments Expectations (Exams, PBAT and/or Digital Portfolio)
9 Comprehensive Literature 1 & 2

Theme: The individual and society
* Literary analysis paper (3-4 pages) and practice PBAT presentation Practice PBAT paper uploaded and assessed in your digital portfolio.
10 World Literature
(English 3 & 4)

Theme: The Power of Language
* Literary analysis paper (4-5 pages) English Regents [June]

Practice PBAT paper and presentation task [non honors]

PSAT [spring] -English PBAT (Paper) [spring - honors] *Honors summer assignment going into 11th grade will be to create a PBAT presentation to be revised and delivered the following fall semester -Argumentative essay
11 American Literature
(English 5 & 6) or Advance Placement English (AP Literature & Composition or Language & Composition)

Theme: The American Dream
* Literary analysis paper (5-7 pages) English PBAT (Paper) [fall - non honors]

English PBAT (Presentation) [fall - honors] [spring - non honors]

PSAT [fall]

SAT [spring]
12 English Literature (English 7 & 8) or Advance Placement English (AP Literature & Composition or Language & Composition) * Literary analysis paper (7-9 pages) College-level literary analysis papers

SAT [fall]
Grade Required Classes Required Final Assessments Expectations (Exams / PBAT / Digital Portfolio)

*All English courses require the completion of several formal writing assessments.